Pure Natural Raw Sourwood Honey & Wildflower Honey
From the Pisgah Forest in Brevard, North Carolina

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the beekeeper
Matt Elliott

We set up ten new hives in April and the
bees went right to work gathering nectar
and pollen from the amazing variety of
early spring blooms.

Our honey is: never heated, minimally strained not filtered, no chemicals or antibiotics

Enjoy the incredible flavor and real health benefits of pure, natural raw honey. Our honey is fresh from the hives, just as the bees made it, never heated or filtered. Unlike many beekeepers, we use no chemicals or antibiotics to maintain our hives.

The bee yard is on farm property that borders the Pisgah National Forest. In the early Spring the honey is made from trees such as Maple and Tulip Poplar, a variety of wildflowers, and garden veggies and herbs. Later in July the Sourwood Tree, found only in the southern Appalachians, is a special treat for the bees who produce the sought-after premium Sourwood Honey.