Raw Natural Pure Sourwood Honey & Wildflower Honey
From the Pisgah Forest in Brevard, North Carolina

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1 lb jar Wildflower Honey

1 lb jar 2019 Wildflower Honey


1 lb jar Sourwood Honey

1 lb jar 2019 Sourwood Honey


12 oz Chunk Sourwood Honey

2019 Chunk Sourwood Honey


Our chunk sourwood honey is smaller pieces of our sourwood comb honey placed into a decorative glass jar and then liquid sourwood honey is poured into the jar giving you the best of both the comb and liquid sourwood honey.
12-ounce jar net weight

2019 Comb Sourwood Honey


Our comb sourwood honey is truly a unique taste treat. It is a world class premium honey in its highest natural state and purest form with absolutely no processing. It is simply cut out of the frame from the bee hive and placed into the container.
Is beeswax edible? It is and the sourwood comb honey is great when paired with cheeses, fruits, crackers, nuts and warm breads – or just enjoyed by itself. 
Minimum net weight is 9.0 ounces, although some may weigh up to 11.0 ounces


We are now offering our honey in attractive glass hexagonal jars with gold metalic lids that are perfect for wedding favors, other gifts or to just sample our delicious wildflower and sourwood honey. The jars come with gold lids that are perfect if you want to add a printed sticker to commemorate your wedding or other occasion. Each jar holds 1.5 liquid ounces or 2 ounces by weight of honey. 


2 oz glass jar of honey

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If you have never tried raw honey you are missing out