Who ever said that retirement meant boredom had never met the honeybees. After 34 years in corporate management, these little ladies are a breath of fresh air. By 2009, I had worked my way up from the original four hives that were set up to pollinate my clover field, to 25 hives  in three locations: a field in Roswell, GA beside the Chattahoochee River, at my cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC, and in my Alpharetta, GA backyard.

In 2016, we moved to our new home in Transylvania County, NC, just west of Rosman, NC, where I joined forces with my son Matt. We have several beeyards located in the pristine mountains of western North Carolina.

Over the years I have learned enough to keep the colonies alive and generally thriving, capturing swarms and raising my own  “survivor” queens. I read everything I can find on beekeeping, attend local and regional Beekeeper’s Meetings, and pick the brains of several professional beekeepers and entomology professors I have come to know and respect. The bees are a source of amazement, provide a constant learning experience and believe it or not – a great source of relaxation. A day in the bee yard is always a good day..


This Blog will be my “Buzz” as I share with you the world of Apis mellifica, the honeybee.